Sunday, 6 March 2011

'At a Tangent' - Oldham Gallery until 11 April

The 62 Group of professional textile artists includes many with established international reputations. The members’ individual aims are not only to extend their practice by making more expressive work but also to widen viewers’ horizons of their field. Each explores diverse current social, domestic and personal issues.

‘At a Tangent’ at the Oldham Gallery underlines a divergence away from the predictable, as members of The 62 Group take textile art into new and challenging territories. Their message is that textile art should not be ‘comfortable’. The touching point of the tangent is the materials with which the artists work; fibres and filaments such as threads, cane, paper and metal.

In 2012, The 62 Group will celebrate its 50th Anniversary. This exhibition demonstrates the group’s energy and vitality, and their continuing determination to produce innovative, exciting work.

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