Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Project eARTh

These textile wrapped chairs emerged from workshops as part of Project eARTh.

The participants worked with artist Amanda Whewell and also tied in with some outdoor sessions in which the group made an oak bench and a living willow arbour for the wildlife garden in Granby Road Park, Fairfield, Buxton.

The group took inspiration from the 'willow pattern' and chose a blue and white colour scheme. They experimented with paper and fabric weaving, this led to the idea of wrapping some branches with fabric and ultimately the furniture.

Chairs had been chosen so the group could create indoor as well as outdoor seating (the oak bench). The group also tie-dyed fabric to use and combined this with with other found fabric and yarns for the chairs. Red was introduced as a contrast colour on one chair. To accompany the chairs the group also created contemporary wall hangings.

If you would like to see the finsihed chairs they are on display at New Mills Original.

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