Thursday, 6 November 2008


Year 5, St Peters RC Primary School, Stalybridge

Art Workshops for 2009

Drawing is Fun.....KS2
Fast paced experimental drawing workshop to boost confidence and explore creativity.

Hats off to Breugel......KS1
The old ones are the best. Breugel’s 16th century “Wedding Feast” is the inspiration for this collage session with results you can wear home.

Matisse’s Musical Collage.......KS2
Combine art and music, explore opposites and improve cutting skills. Let “Jazz” inspire your stunning artwork.

The Magic of Monoprints or Funny Fruity Faces......KS1
A choice of printmaking techniques, oil pastel monoprints with results like magic, or healthy eating block prints inspired by Archimboldo’s “Seasons”.

Something more exotic......KS1 and KS2
Inspirational designs from India, Africa or The Pacific Islands. Based around textiles. Try
Y5 St Peters RC Primary School, Stalybridge
batik, tie dye, silk painting, applique and other techniques to produce beautiful banners to adorn your school.

Transformations - Recycling at its most beautiful......KS1 and KS2
The eco-schools dream, transform pre-used materials like carrier bags, envelopes, magazines and cereal boxes into wonderful artworks. Create handmade books, polyfused banners, mosaic tiles and quirky prints......all from rubbish.

New for 2009 - Cross curricular workshops complete with teachers notes.

Ancient Egyptians.
A choice of 4 Egyptian themed workshops using a variety of materials from re-cycled to dazzling metallics. All result in beautiful artifacts to display in your classroom.

Please phone or email Amanda for more information:
P. 01663 742204 M. 07790070897 E.

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