Monday, 10 November 2008

Drawing Stonehenge - Whitworth Gallery

I've recently attended an evening lecture at Whitworth Gallery which links in with an ongoing exhibition which is on until 23 December - it was a fantastic insight into Mark Anstees work at Stonehenge.

In the past few years the biggest ever archaeological investigation of the Stonehenge landscape has been taking place. The chance to witness landmarks like this uncovered comes once in a lifetime, if at all. Last year six artists went to Stonehenge to witness this special event. Mark Anstee, Rebecca Davies, Leo Duff, Brian Fay, Janet Hodgson and Julia Midgley worked alongside archaeologists on the excavations. They researched how archaeologists drew their discoveries and recorded the spectacle of the dig - its processes, people, tools and finds.

While the exhibition is on show, the artists will be returning to Stonehenge to work on this year's dig. To find out what happens go to:

This project has been co-ordinated by Helen Wickstead and funded by the Caroline Humby-Teck Trust

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