Tuesday, 17 June 2008

A long time coming

Well if the blog was a long time coming my second post was even longer !

Its been an extremely busy few weeks - with my ongoing college projects, preparation for the
Derbyshire Open Arts event, another exhibition in New Mills Heritage Centre to start thinking about - all that and several school workshops to create and deliver.

More of those two events in separate posts, I need to dash off and finish my final pieces for this years end of year college work which will be on display from tomorrow (18 June) until the middle of next week.

I'm really pleased with the installation I have created at
college, it was a long time in creation but I feel it was worth while - I hope to get some pictures on here shortly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Amanda, I am so glad you liked the video of our visit to Derbyshire! Your work was one of the highlights (as I said in the video description, one of our favourites).

You and other people reading this blog might like to know about a new online community for artists, www.tailcast.com

Will come back and look at your blog with great interest! and in the meantime I will add the URL to my YouTube video...